Top Social Media Platforms That Work Great for Electricians

These days social media is one of the greatest ways to contact your likely consumers. In a case, if you’re seeking for a way in order to reach your clients on a large scale, social media is vital for your electric company. Nowadays about 74% of individuals across the world use social media before making any buying decision.

Now the question which comes over here is that why do electrician saskatoon require social media?

So if you’ve been operating your company without a social media presence, you’re dropping out many great things. Social media gives numerous advantages to your company that other retailing platforms can not. By using social media, you can offer your clients with excellent customer service, give them valuable information and build brand recognition for your company. In addition, you can also build ads utilizing any of the channels specified.

PPC ads are an excellent way to target your consumers with an ad. You can build a PPC ad campaign on lots of social media sites involving Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Which social media platforms should I practice for electric company?

By lots of different social media channels, it’s hard to pick the ones that will provide the maximum benefit for your electric company. The reality is, the more platforms you use, the better your prospects to get profit. This is because each channel gives several benefits for your business and approaches different people.

Here’re the greatest social media channels for electricians that you should consider using as well.



Facebook is a surpassing channel to promote your electric company. Facebook is the most common form of social media. It has more than 1.79 billion users. If you are not using Facebook as a mean of promoting, you’re losing the chance to market your services to tons of likely customers.

Facebook also provides many ways to showcase your electric company. On Facebook, you can have a chatting with potential clients, share photos of your advanced electrical jobs, and yield quality data. Facebook also enables you to provide excellent service to your clients. The messaging function exposes that you consider your clients. Comments on your posting are also great places to communicate with current and prospective clients.



Twitter is another exceptional channel to showcase your electric business.

With more than 313 million active users, Twitter is one of the greatest platforms to showcase your electric business. Twitter allows you to interact with your present and likely consumers by 280-character tweets. As the limit of text is restricted, Twitter is an exceptional channel to share site information in the way of links.

Here, Twitter users have an option to retweet your posts as well, so it has potential to influence many individuals.



Instagram is a fabulous way to utilize photographs to exchange your electric business. With almost 500 million existing users, Instagram is excellent for reaching the clients. You can get an advantage of Instagram, which is a photo-based app, to post pictures of your business, workers on the field or risks like exposed wires.

Once, you start making the use of these apps then you’ll wonder why you haven’t used it prior.